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Why select Ergotronix for your factory’s ergonomic needs?

Here at Ergotronix, we firmly believe that we create technology for the future! While this statement may seem bold to some, we wholeheartedly stand behind it. Each and every one of our products has been engineered and designed to bring renewed safety and efficiency to your workplace. Our solutions enable workers to handle difficult manufacturing tasks with ease and mitigate work hazards that are so often faced on the shop floor. Our focus at Ergotronix is to create innovative equipment that propel your work place towards a safer and more productive future.

Ergotronix has multiple ergonomic product lines to help you streamline your manufacturing processes and ease the burden when positioning, lifting, or transporting work. As a result, automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, beverage and many other industrial sectors are today having their ergonomic shop floor problems solved by our standard lines of equipment. Even if you have a very particular workplace situation that needs an engineered solution, Ergotronix is likely to come to your rescue. We are continuously engineering new customized versions of our products to be able to provide tailored solutions for our customers.

All of the Ergotronix devices are designed and built in the U.S.A to meet the local requirements and product demands. Hence, durability is a calling card when considering the ergonomic solutions provided by Ergotronix. A highlight of a testimonial from one of our many satisfied customers states:

We have used the products for years without any maintenance. They last.”

Daniel Raudensky, Manufacturing Process Engineer

You can be sure that when you choose any one of the many Ergotronix provided solutions that they will continue to be benefit your manufacturing processes for years to come.

Ergotronix solutions come bundled with a wide range of other benefits as well. They can be divided into two categories:

  1. Safety
  2. Productivity


Safety refers to improved safety received on your shop floor. Ergotronix products are all designed and built to decrease strains from physical exertion, and the potential for developing MSD’s from repetitive wrongful motions.


Productivity is the umbrella term that houses many of the benefits of implementing ergonomic solutions in the workplace. Besides just increased efficiency and productivity the ROI include a decrease in injuries, absenteeism, and rehabilitation expenditures, etc.

Another excellent example of how Ergotronix provided product solutions can benefit the manufacturing processes can be found in another satisfied customer’s testimonial. In this instance, an Ergotronix solution streamlined their manufacturing process from requiring four operators, to requiring just one, a dramatic increase in efficiency and productivity!

The original operation required up to four mechanics. Today the task can be performed with just one operator. One operator stated that this product is one of the best tools he uses within the entire company.

Joe Weisbruch, Senior Manufacturing Engineer

To conclude, Ergotronix engineered product solutions offer your work place a safer and more productive future. If a safer and more productive future is your goal, then choose Ergotronix for your ergonomic factory needs. You can rest assured that you will receive quality products that will solve the ergonomic problems in your workplace for years to come.

Choose safety and productivity, choose Ergotronix.

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