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With a new year on the horizon, we are guaranteed to see an inundation of “news.” Whether that be new phones, new cars, or new goals in the form of new year’s resolutions, a new year brings a wave of new things. One thing this new year should include for your shop floor is new systems and newly integrated ergonomic products brought to you by Ergotronix. No matter what your ergonomic problems are, Ergotronix can be your solution to bring your shop floor an increase in efficiency and productivity while decreasing the number of workplace incidents and amount of dollars diverted to treating these accidents. With ergonomic solutions, your employees will be healthier, happier, and more productive workers.

Whichever ergonomic solution your shop floor requires, you will see benefits in applying any of the Ergotronix product families. In almost all metrics of human strain, you will find exponential improvements, leading to decreases in workplace incidents, and a reduction of company dollars spent on efforts to correct these disorders or care for these injuries. Alongside these benefits, your shop will experience increased efficiency and increased productivity. All of these benefits are compiled together to increase your overall ROI, while your employees will be recognized as valuable assets to the company.

Unlike many other new year’s resolutions, ergonomic solutions by Ergotronix are meant to last the entire year, and many years to come. Durability is a calling card for Ergotronix products. In a testimonial from a customer, they say;

Ergo Tranz 220 Lift Transporter

No matter what ergonomic issues your shop floor encounters, you can rest assured that Ergotronix can provide you with a solution that will remedy your workplace problems. Ergotronix produces multiple genres of ergonomic factory equipment. Perhaps you are looking for solutions to transporting items around your workplace, look no further than the Ergo Tran- a mobile lightweight transporter and lift device. Or maybe an item just needs to be lifted to a new height, for ease of access or work comfort, then the compact Ergo I lift columns can solve your problem. If your shop floor conducts many assembly manipulation procedures, it’s time to look at Ergotronix extensive line of multi-axis work positioners. If none of these solutions are exactly what your shop floor needs to succeed, the brilliant team at Ergotronix can work with you to engineer a custom solution to address your problems with precision.


“We have used the products for years. They are built to last.”

With a new year on the horizon, you must examine how you can improve and make the new year the best on record. New Year’s resolutions are the manifestation of our goals for improvement. This year, whatever your new year’s resolutions include, consider including the implementation of ergonomic solutions by Ergotronix- your shop floor will thank you.

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