Compact Lift Transporter: Ergo Tranz

 In Product Applications

In the process of manufacturing, more often than not, objects and materials need to be lifted and transported from point A to point B. This process becomes especially difficult when these objects and materials are heavy, bulky, or both. Enter the battery powered Ergo Tranz, a lift and transporter engineered to safely move any object up to 600 lbs. with ease. A single operator can now securely lift and transport these loads with no physical strain.

The Ergo Tranz enables one operator to accomplish the manual labor of multiple workers, with none of the physical strain The compact, aluminum-based design, makes the Ergo Tranz light-weight and easy to maneuver. The single-mast makes it easy to see around and maneuver workloads around objects and in tight passages. The Ergo Tranz also features a three-position, foot-operated brake system, including a parking brake, swivel or directional caster lock position to ease steering. The built-in overload protection further optimize safety.

Not only will utilizing an Ergo Tranz offer a safer operation, but they will also become more efficient. To illustrate this principle, an Ergotronix customer said this about the Ergo Tranz:

All of our operators love using the Ergo Tranz® unit. Everyone who has seen it in use wonders why we didn’t get this product sooner. The product this lift is being used for, has always been physically challenging and required two people because of the size and weight being transported. Now, with the Ergo Tranz®, just about anyone can handle this job without assistance.

Operations that previously took multiple operators to complete can now be conducted by a single operator. The speed and precision is the courtesy of an infinitely variable lift speed, which allows for both rapid lifting and slow precise positioning, when required. All controls are easily accessible by the push of a button, including optional grip, turn and other desired motorized functions. A wide selection of standard motorized and non-motorized end-effectors are available as are customizations to marry the Ergo Tranz to a particular operational task.

The flexibility, precision and ergonomic design of the Ergo Tranz compact lift transporter make it an incredible solution for a broad range of lift, transport, manipulation and positioning applications. It’s time to take control of your company through increasing its safety and productivity by investing in a modern Ergo Tranz lift transporter unit from Ergotronix.

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