Benefits of Removing Physical Stress

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Physical stress at work is increasingly common in our modern work life. We know that such stress can be a major contributor to more severe health issues, unless mitigated in time. One such mitigation factor is utilizing ergonomic intervention methods. When physical stress is recognized and mitigated, and the employee workplace is prioritized, employees are more likely to stay healthy, motivated and be more productive.

Employees that experience less physical stress factors are exponentially less likely to develop MSD’s, that will impact quality of life and their performance on the shop floor. In an idyllic world, the altruistic employer would implement suitable ergonomic solutions freely, but reality often limits real interventions to dollars and cents available. While it is difficult to quantify the quality of someone’s health, it is typically much easier to quantify dollars spent on rehabilitation after a work-related injury.

When ergonomic interventions are implemented, it not only reduces physical stress and increases safety, but also sends the message that the employees are valuable, which in turn increases employee motivation and their production output.

All important components for overall success.

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