Compact Lift Transporter

Ergo Tranz®

Compact Lift Transporter
  • Lift and transports work load up to 650 lbs
  • Compact, light-weight hand truck
  • Heavy Duty Battery power for lift and other desired electric work manipulations
  • Eliminates body strain of manual work effort
  • Adaptable to a variety of standard and custom end-effectors
  • Built-in safety features

Product Description

Lift and transport work effortlessly with the Ergo Tranz® lift/transporter by Ergotronix. Its compact, lightweight solid aluminum design eliminates the strain of manual lifting and positioning. This results is a reliable and efficient work transporter with unmatched lift precision.

Designed with state-of-the-art ergonomic attributes, including an adjustable handle bar with height and tilt angle, allows for operator comfort. A single-mast design makes it easy to see and maneuver workloads around objects and tight passages, while a fully enclosed electric lift mechanism ensures a smooth, on-target work positioner performance. The infinitely variable lift speed allows for a rapid lift and still slow positioning, when so desired. The Ergo Tranz® also features a three-position, foot-operated brake system, including a parking brake and swivel or directional caster steering and built-in safety features like overload protection further optimize safety.

Standard models in 250- and 650-pound load capacities all accepts a variety of standard end effectors for use as a stacker, roll handler, manual fork lift, transfer cart and in many other industrial applications.

The flexibility, precision and ergonomic design of the Ergo Tranz® compact lift transporter by Ergotronix make it a popular solution for a broad range of work lift, transport and positioning applications.

Quotation mark

The workers like working with Ergo Tranz®, it has increased efficiency, and most importantly, it has made this operation very safe.

Floyd Palmer

LA-CO Industries, Inc.

More Testimonials

In our factory in Illinois, we need to lift and pour 90-pound pots of very hot liquid up to five feet off the floor. These conditions raised the risks of burns and also muscle strain for our staff. We found the Ergo Tranz® in an online search, and the Ergotronix staff helped us with customization as we needed special grippers that hold the pots securely, and the mast was also altered to fit under a low ceiling in that area of the factory. The installation has been a success. The workers like working with the Ergo Tranz®, it has increased efficiency, and most importantly, it has made this operation very safe. We have been very happy with our choice of the Ergo Tranz®.

Floyd Palmer

LA-CO Industries, Inc.

While the standard Ergo Tranz® unit had been evaluated and found to be very robust and far superior to the competition, Gillette still needed customizations to make it fit our particular applications. After working directly with Ergotronix designers, a custom unit was successfully prototyped. We currently have fourteen systems at work that are suited for Gillette. Working with Ergotronix has been a great experience.

Tim Lagerstedt, Manufacturing Engineer


All of our operators love using the Ergo Tranz® unit. Everyone who has seen it in use wonders why we didn’t get this product sooner. The product this lift is being used for, has always been physically challenging and required two people because of the size and weight being transported. Now, with the Ergo Tranz®, just about anyone can handle this job without assistance.

Rick Enger, Controls Engineer/Project Coordinator


Our new customized Ergo Tranz® helps operators in our Listerine factory in Pennsylvania to lift 45-pound rolls of plastic wrap from the vertical position, move them ten feet, and load them horizontally onto mandrels at two different heights with absolutely zero strain of any kind. The Ergo Tranz® features a specially designed all-electric rotating grip arm that grips and holds the plastic wrap from within the center, as well as a motor-action push-off, all controlled with an easy-to-use hand pendant.  The operators on the line are very pleased, and reliability has been excellent. Indeed, we are so satisfied we have ordered more Ergo Tranz® units.

Robert Lamanque, Team Leader-Mechanical Maintenance

Bombardier Quebec


Thanks for your time and making a very good quality product (Ergo Tranz). This unit has been is service for 8 years with no problems.

George R. White, Engineer

Quanex IG Systems

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