Custom Solutions: Ergonomic Machines, Devices, and Positioners

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Ergotronix has a wide range of standard products that suits your ergonomic material handling needs. Whether it be a work positioner, a lift, a transporting cart, or multi-directional conveyor rollers, Ergotronix has the solution for you to improve your company’s shop floor.

If you have a particular application or are in a situation where you have sought for a particular solution to no avail, Ergotronix engineers can adapt our standard products to create a custom solution, just as we have for many of our satisfied clients. Here is a testimonial from a customer that had a problem moving precision equipment into a particular position:

“The Ergotronix staff helped us with customization as we needed… The installation has been a success. The workers like working with the (Ergotronix product), it has increased efficiency, and most importantly, it has made this operation very safe. We have been very happy with our choice”

Before obtaining the Ergotronix custom solution, this company used a laborious process to load and set precision glass cutting tools into their housing. It required two operators to manually and awkwardly position the cutters around a building column and into a very small entrance of a machine bed. This process took place within very tight quarters, amplifying the difficulty of the task. Even the slightest nudge or bump could cause the precision tools being maneuvered to be knocked out of alignment or seriously damaged. Ergotronix was asked to engineer a custom solution that would eliminate 100% of the lifting associated with the cutter’s manual handling, while reducing the time investment to do so.

After implementing the Ergotronix solution, the new procedure only required one operator to interact with the precision cutters. One operator could even complete this task with a single hand. Overall, the operators were pleased with the ease of use, reliability, and safety of the procedure.


Such custom solutions require close interaction and an understanding of the particular application details. A customer who worked directly with our engineers to develop custom solutions, said this about their experiences:

“The project went very smoothly due to their exceptional personal attention and commitment to service. I highly recommend Ergotronix to any company looking to build or develop this type of positioning devices.”

“After working directly with Ergotronix designers, a custom unit was successfully prototyped… Working with Ergotronix has been a great experience.”

A custom ergonomic solution, engineered by Ergotronix could be the cure to an issue ailing your shop floor. No matter how unique your ergonomic problem may be, a custom solution built by Ergotronix can turn a shop floor hiccup, into an efficient, safe, and reliable workplace for years to come. If you have an ergonomic problem present on your shop floor, call Ergotronix today so we can help you solve your ergonomic issues.

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