The Strength of 100 Men

 In Product Applications

Let’s face it, sometimes there are problems on shop floors that no mere mortal can solve with brute force and sheer power of will. But lucky enough, the Ergo Control is no mere mortal. The Ergo Control can be a superhero solution for many ergonomic issues on shop floors. The calling card of the Ergo Control is its strength.

Versatile Work Positioner

Besides its strength, the Ergo Control also offers adjustable position height, tilt, and 360-degrees of rotation. This allows for an object to be manipulated into its easiest and most accessible work position. There will be no, “I guess this works” moments with the Ergo Control, as it will provide precise movements into any desired safe and stable positions. With its L-shaped arm attached products can even be turned up-side-down.

These features make the Ergo Control an excellent solution for welding, assembly, or any other work on a shop floor, where products must be maneuvered into unique positions for ease of work.

Programmable Work Positioner

With the “Teach” programming feature, the Ergo Control can easily be programmed to repeatedly adjust to suitable work positions that suit a variety of work pieces and operators. Simply adjust your work to each unique work position, press store this position, and the Ergo Control will take care of the rest. Then with a singular press of a foot pedal you sequence through each such stored position, which will improve quality of work, offer a safer and more productive work environment.

Ergo Control Multi-Axis Programmable Work Positioner
Ergo Control has the strength of 100 men
Ergo Contro Programmable Work Positioner


No matter the size or weight, the Ergo Control can satisfy your shop floor needs.

With a variety of available units, the Ergo Control can undertake workloads from a few hundred pounds up to 17,600 pounds. A task that would quite literally require the strength of 100 men.

Whether you need the strength of 5, 10, or 100 men, the Ergo Control can be the hero that your shop floor needs to increase efficiency and solve your ergonomic problems.

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