Rotate, Lift, Tilt

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Part of the Ergotronix line of Work Positioners is the Ergo Chief. The Ergo Chief is a versatile motorized multi-axis work positioner that also can also be used as a welding positioner. The Ergo Chief comes standard with a slotted turntable that allows a work object to be fixtured easily and securely. The Ergo Chief further allows for 360-degree bi-directional rotation, height adjustment, and up to a 90-degree tilt angle adjustment, ensuring that attached work pieces can be accessed during work in the most comfortable and ergonomic work positions possible.

Being motorized, the Ergo Chief eliminates virtually all strain from employees, as they seek to complete tasks on the shop floor. No matter the needs to be rotated, lifted, or tilted, the Ergo chief can accomplish the task with the simple press of a button. The Ergo Chief also has enough muscle power to accomplish these shop floor’s tasks for workloads up to 400 lbs.

The Ergo Chief is one of many Ergotronix work positioner machines that is designed and made proudly here in the United States to withstand the day-in, and day-out local work task requirements. With numerous options and configurations available, you can be sure to find an Ergo Chief that works for you and your shop floor’s needs.

If you have ergonomic problems present on your shop floor, contact us today, and we will assist you find a solution to become a more efficient workplace with happier and healthier, workers.

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