Benefits of using Multi-axis Welding Positioners

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There is not much one can do while exhausted, right? 

When one is fatigued, one cannot accomplish most tasks no matter determination or will power. To manually manipulate a device while welding is exhausting and therefore welders need to invest in rotary and multi-axis welding positioners.

Such rotary and multi-axis welding positioner is a device designed to rotate the device during weldment at a fixed accurate speed the full 360 degrees as well as work angle and work height,  allowing the welder to always operate from a comfortable work position. It is imperative to have the proper tools to provide efficiency and comfort for the welding operator. He wishes to experience the following benefits:

  • Reduced Fatigue 

The rotary welding positioner allows workers to stand or sit in one work position. The multi-axis work positioner can also provide adjustment to a worker’s ideal height,and work angle, ensuring worker’s comfort while improving workers’ productivity.

  • Increased Workers Safety 

Welding can be dangerous, especially when having to climb to reach on large objects. Instead imagine the object    firmly fixed to a multi-axis positioner; that allows the freedom and flexibility to have the object be moved around to provide a safe work position. With such a positioner, a welder no longer needs ladders or hoists to lift or reach awkward welding positions, reducing the chances of accidents in the workplace. 

  • Improved Quality

The positioner guarantees accuracy and repeatability in each sequence of the welding phase. Furthermore, the welder can make adjustments on the fly to where the object has to be,  for optimal access and comfort while welding. All to reduce rework and improve the quality of work.

  • Increased Speed

A rotary multi-axis welding positioner will increase work speed and overall productivity as well as ensuring the worker’s safety while producing quality work in a productive time frame.

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