Things to Look for in Specialized Lifting Equipment for Industrial Purposes

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Obtaining new specialized lifting equipment for industrial purposes is often a considerable investment for industrial companies. To make the most of any new purchase, it’s important for decision-makers to carefully explore the options available and choose offerings that aim to provide the greatest benefit to the manufacturing teams who’ll be using these products.

For managers in search of specialized lifting equipment for industrial processes. keep reading to learn about features you should look for when you’re planning to purchase new lifting equipment.

Durable, Reliable Lifting Equipment Designed for Your Industry

Not all lifting equipment is created equal, so for industrial professionals who are seeking specialized lifting equipment, it’s essential to pick the right options. Explore your options and take time to determine whether the equipment you’re considering was manufactured with your needs in mind. 

To achieve the best outcomes, industrial managers need to implement equipment that is designed to handle each and every process that it’ll be used for in a given factory. Determine whether the equipment in question has been tested in your industry, and evaluate whether those tests confirm the equipment’s suitability and reliability.

Safety Components

Industrial operations can be incredibly dangerous without the right products in place. If you’re replacing outdated lifting equipment, the modern safety features included should serve as a crucial part of your decision-making process. 

Choosing equipment that includes well-tested safety features not only helps prevent damage to the products and materials your teams are working with but also protects employees from sustaining serious injuries. 

By reducing the number (and severity) of injuries that occur in the workplace, managers can obtain a more productive bottom line. In addition, with fewer injuries occurring, manufacturing facilities will experience fewer absences and organizations will be able to save money on Worker’s Compensation claims as well as on costs associated with hiring and training new staff members.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Depending on the industry in which your organization operates, certain regulatory requirements might apply when it comes to securing new equipment. Before making any decisions, reviewing manuals and compliance-related documents is a must. 

Ensure that you fully understand the rules and regulations that affect your field and the company operating within it. By remaining informed and up to date on new equipment requirements, your team will be better able to select equipment that satisfies your company’s procedural demands. This information can make it much easier to cross-reference the components of your lift equipment options so that you decide on a product that checks all the boxes on your list.

Maintenance and Materials

Industrial businesses can execute a myriad of different processes, which include dealing with harsh chemicals, severe temperature changes, and transporting heavy loads. 

Thoroughly evaluate each of the processes that your organization performs and make a note of any potential concerns that might impact the performance of your new lift equipment. Once you have a checklist, use it to reference the various equipment offerings you’re considering. For example, you’ll want to determine whether the materials that make up the piece of equipment won’t experience any negative chemical reactions to existing workplace chemicals and substances.

Verify whether the lifting equipment you’re considering comes with non-corrosive protection, rust resistance, or any other treatment that might be required throughout your operation.

Furthermore, take a look at the maintenance requirements and guidelines to make sure your team has the resources available to commit to keeping new machinery in good working order.           

Lifting Equipment Versatility

Lifting equipment should be able to serve all the purposes it’s intended for within a given organization. For example, some lifting devices are designed to handle a variety of load weights and sizes or manipulate the products being lifted. 

If you’re seeking equipment that will streamline your workplace processes, consider the various functions you need when lifting products and materials. Does your team commonly have to manually adjust and rotate loads? Do welders and other operators need to cram themselves into unsafe and uncomfortable positions, to work on pieces without the lift?

Keep all of this in mind and when you’re exploring your lift device options, try to choose a product that eliminates as many difficulties as possible. A versatile piece of equipment will save your staff time and prevent both fatigue and injuries.

Ergonomic Lifting Equipment Features 

Speaking of injuries, most industrial and manufacturing companies are actively searching for ways to improve employee well-being while maintaining or improving turnaround times. The solution many have found relates to ergonomic designs. 

Ergonomic equipment is built with the intention of being more human and easy to use. For example, some ergonomic workstations make use of equipment that provides a multitude of manipulations, like rotates, raises, lowers, and turns, in order to provide optimal positioning. This way, factory workers become less prone to straining their bodies and battling with fatigue throughout the day.

Furthermore, ergonomic equipment enables a higher quality of work to be performed, being that employees who use this equipment can stay alert for longer periods and remain comfortable while performing intricate tasks.

Finding the right piece of lifting equipment isn’t always an easy process, but through careful research and smart decision-making, implementing a new piece of specialized lifting equipment can be a complete success. 

If you’re looking for safe, reliable, and ergonomic equipment solutions, consider working with Ergotronix. Our team strives to provide the best possible equipment options that enable manufacturers to streamline workplace processes, keep employees safe, and increase the company’s efficiency. 

Take a look at the industrial equipment options available through Ergotronix. Should you have any questions, concerns, or you’d like to schedule a demonstration, send us a message and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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