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What Do You Imagine?

What do you think of when someone mentions material handling equipment?

Maybe of the big fork lift trucks that lift and transport large, bulky, heavy, awkward objects with large footprints. Ergotronix does not build fork lift trucks, but compact, elegant lifts and transporters that are flexible and easy to manually move from point A to point B. They provide height adjustability and versatility with smooth transitions and increase precision.

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Ergo Tranz Lift Transporter

She’s more than just a pretty face. The ErgoTranz is a compact lift transporter that features a small footprint and enables easy lifting and transporting around your shop floor. Because we build all our equipment around the operator and the workplace, this material handling device is optimum in confined spaces or tight isles. The Ergo Tranz can be equipped with a broad range of attachments or end effectors that eliminate manual lifting or carrying within the workplace. Awkward positioning or strain on the operator’s body when trying to lift, move, or handle a heavy object load up to 600 lbs, is now significantly reduced, or totally eliminated. This powerful yet lightweight fortress does all the heavy lifting and transporting. With the broad range of standard attachments, the ErgoTranz can be used as a smart stacker, roll handler, transfer cart, etc. Custom solutions, to solve your specific industrial application are also available.

The ErgoTranz flexibility and strength are unmatched.

Ergo I Lift Column

Ergo I motorized lift columns offer the operator full height adjustment flexibility, eliminating potential strain and injury. With a variety of compact models in AC and DC power as well as pneumatic configurations, handling loads up to 1200 lbs load capacity per column, the Ergo-I offers an elegant lift solution for any work area.

Lift adjustment can be controlled from a hand pendant, foot pedal, or from an automated PLC input. The Ergo-I need little to no maintenance – as you can read in our testimonials – which makes the Ergo I another time and cost-effective material handling solution. This space-saving footprint of only 10” will leave you in awe at its many functions and versatile flexibility.

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