How Businesses Can Benefit from Ergotronix Customized Manufacturing Solutions

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Ergotronix aims to provide manufacturing companies with an array of customized manufacturing solutions to meet every need that workers experience on the shop floor. 

Whether your company operates in healthcare, technology, or construction, Ergotronix’s custom solutions can make a difference in the way your day-to-day operations are conducted.

Read on to learn about the benefits of implementing ergonomic equipment in your facility.

Ergotronix Customized Manufacturing Solutions

Ergotronix offers a selection of ergonomic equipment that manufacturers can implement to streamline industrial operations. The products include:

  • Positioning Devices: Ergo Master, Ergo Chief, Ergo Control, Ergo Force
  • Lifting Devices: Ergo I
  • Equipment for Lifting and Transporting: Ergo Tranz
  • Equipment for Conveying and Transferring: Ergo Roll

Benefits of Customizing Your Manufacturing Solutions

While many of the processes conducted in the industrial setting are similar from business to business, no two manufacturing companies are exactly alike. As such, every company has a specific set of concerns, needs, and goals that team leaders need to keep in mind to make sure operations remain productive at all times.

Because no two companies are the same, providing manufacturing solutions from a one-size-fits-all perspective is not going to yield the same quality of results for each business. Ergotronix strives to address the unique needs and complexities of each client our company serves, by offering fully customizable solutions. It’s our goal to provide industrial clients with everything they need to produce high-quality products as safely and efficiently as possible. 

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits that come from implementing customized manufacturing solutions in an industrial setting.

Increased Workplace Efficiency

Ergotronix’s solutions provide industrial organizations with ways to simplify customizing manufacturing processes. By implementing new, ergonomic equipment, manufacturing professionals can improve workplace efficiency in several ways. For one, ergonomic workstations prevent employee strain, fatigue, and injury so work can proceed for longer periods without breaks or slowing employees down. 

Lifting and positioning equipment aims to reduce the need for manual lifting and manipulating, so in addition to reducing worker strain, manufacturing processes can be completed much faster than what’s possible when manual lifting and moving require unnecessary time allotments. 

In many situations where manual lifting and transferring are required, getting a product from one area to another often takes more than one worker to complete. Having two to three workers step away from their stations to move a product, even only a few feet, may only take a minute or two at a time to complete. However, those minutes add up, and depending on how many items are being transferred this way, the inefficiency of this practice could lead to hours of collective time wasted without any real need for it. 

Enhanced Safety Procedures

Injuries happen in manufacturing environments, even when safety protocols are followed. When employees are constantly exposed to machinery and fill labor-intensive roles at work, they’re at a greater risk of becoming injured on the job.

By customizing manufacturing processes, workers can take advantage of safer, more comfortable working conditions. For example, ergonomic workstations prevent strain that results from constant repetitive movements. Devices that provide lift assistance prevent back injuries, fatigue, and drop-related injuries.

Lifting equipment, transportation equipment, and devices that can be used to reposition materials aim to prevent workers from having to hunch, bend, or crouch for extended periods. Further, ergonomic equipment makes it so that workers don’t have to lift and transport items that are either too heavy or cumbersome to manage

Reduced Costs

Ergonomic equipment pays for itself in several ways. On one hand, many pieces of ergonomic equipment don’t have to be serviced as often as outdated machinery. The long lifecycle of ergonomic machinery and the reduction of time needed for repairs and maintenance already saves manufacturing teams time and money.

Because ergonomic manufacturing equipment also reduces the odds of employees sustaining work-related injuries, companies also stand to save money in terms of time an injured employee spends away from work, the decreased production quota that comes from having workers off the schedule, and the costs associated with workman’s comp claims. 

Additionally, when manufacturers are comfortable, efficient, and secure at work, they become less likely to quit in favor of better opportunities. Keeping your current workforce where they are reduces turnover rates as well as the cost of hiring and onboarding new employees. 

Improved Product Quality

Customizing manufacturing equipment enables workers to get into hard-to-reach areas and perform the highest quality of work possible. For example, when welders use ergonomic lifting and positioning equipment, they’re better able to ensure a consistent welding seam, even on pieces of a product that were difficult to see or reach in the past.

Using lifting and other positioning devices can also improve the quality of products produced, as such devices prevent dropping the item, bumping into it, scraping the surface, or pressing into it during, for example, a lift. These pieces of equipment enable workers to lift, transport, and manipulate completed products without presenting any risks that human error could incur. 

This results in clean, undamaged products that look and operate better than ever before.

Ergonomic equipment is designed with the human being in mind. So much of the manufacturing industry still requires the human touch and because of this, our team takes every possible step to ensure the quality and efficiency of our products. Let us help you create the most accessible, beneficial work environments for professional manufacturers on your team. Your business stands to not only increase productivity, but enhance the overall quality of your products, complete more work in less time, and keep your employees as safe and healthy as you can.

Reach out to Ergotronix to learn more about our manufacturing solutions, ask a question, or schedule a demonstration.

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