Essential Equipment for Safely Moving Heavy Objects in an Industrial Workplace

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Ergotronix is dedicated to providing innovative equipment to move heavy objects for manufacturers. With our selection of integrated, customizable equipment, we can streamline the most complicated factory processes. Whether your employees are lifting, bending, crouching, or reaching, we have systems in place that can transport and position your materials without running the risk of strain or injury.

How Ergonomic Industrial Workstations Benefit Productivity

Ergonomic industrial workstations can make the workplace more productive in a number of ways. For one, an ergonomic workstation benefits the health of employees by keeping them comfortable and simplifying their operational processes. 

In addition, ergonomic workstations reduce the likelihood of injuries occurring, and thus, they reduce scheduling issues, workers’ compensation claims, and the potential for long-term health conditions to arise.

These workstations also help work proceed with fewer delays by making equipment more accessible and because employees don’t have to strain themselves as often, they’ll remain more engaged due to less fatigue and chronic pain.

Ergotronix Products Can Improve Comfort and Efficiency

Ergotronix aims to revolutionize manufacturing and industrial processes by providing a selection of products that simplify heavy-duty work. We carry both manual and motorized positioning equipment, lift systems, transporters, and roller systems to make maneuvering heavy equipment safe and easy for manufacturers. 

Our product line includes the following positioner models: Ergo Master® (Manual), Ergo Chief® (Motorized), Ergo Force® (Motorized, Heavy Duty), and Ergo Control (Programmable).

We also carry the Ergo Tranz® Compact Lift Transporter, the Ergo I® Telescopic Lift System, and the Ergo Roll® Multi-Directional Roller.

Tips for Adjusting and Using Your Workstation Correctly

If you’ve recently implemented new workstation equipment or you plan to introduce new equipment in the near future, there are a few things you can do in order to ensure success. 

For one, familiarizing yourself with the manual that accompanies the equipment is a good way to gather a general understanding of the features that the piece includes. If any supplementary learning materials are available, such as video tutorials, reviewing them is also beneficial.

When it comes to having your team utilize the equipment for the first time, providing the right information is a must. Not only will providing in-depth training prevent injuries but it will also demonstrate how to harness all of the equipment’s capabilities. By illustrating all the ways your team can use the equipment, you’re getting the most out of your investment.

If you’re able to schedule a demonstration with a representative from the company you ordered the equipment from, take advantage of it. Live demonstrations are a great way to highlight all of the new elements of your ergonomic equipment.

Common Problems with Workstations and How to Solve Them

Several problems commonly occur between industrial workstations and the manufacturers who use them. Some of these problems include:

  • Repetitive movements, such as performing the exact same motions over and over again for extended periods of time
  • Using excessive force, such as straining to lift heavy objects or applying too much pressure when using equipment
  • Awkward positioning or maintaining a stressed posture for extended periods of time, such as frequently operating with a twisted or extended wrist, leaning, crouching, or hunching
  • Excessive vibration exposure, which can lead to numbness and poor grip on pieces of equipment
  • Applying too much pressure against the body, such as leaning against ledges or pressing into table corners

Seeking ergonomic solutions can remedy most if not all of these issues. For example, replacing outdated workstation equipment with adjustable tables, chairs, and pieces of equipment can reduce instances of bending, hunching, and straining. 

Making use of machinery that simplifies lifting and transporting heavy material can decrease accident risks, relieve back and neck pain, and prevent accidental damage to manufactured materials. 

Additionally, through effective training that covers how to use ergonomic equipment, employees can decrease the number of awkward positions they typically hold, as ergonomic equipment encourages users to keep natural positioning.

Equipment to Move Heavy Objects: The Importance of Maintenance

Maintaining your equipment on a regular basis is a must, both to extend the lifespan of the equipment you’ve invested in and to ensure the safety of your employees. 

All of your manufacturing equipment should be examined according to the schedule recommended by the manufacturer and when observing each item, a checklist should be completed. This way, you can ensure that each component of the machinery has been evaluated.

In addition to reviewing the condition of your equipment, routine maintenance should be conducted by an experienced professional. Doing so enables your team to keep your machinery performing at its highest level.

To transform your industrial workspaces into ergonomic workstations, reach out to Ergotronix to schedule a demo. Discover how we can customize our equipment to meet all of your manufacturing needs.

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