Maximizing Efficiency with Ergonomic Industrial Workstations

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Ergotronix is dedicated to serving manufacturers by presenting customizable, integrated equipment that can be used throughout factory floor sections. Whether your employees are lifting, bending, or otherwise straining throughout their work performance, our systems can simplify lifting, transporting, and positioning equipment without resulting in injuries.

Industrial Workstations and Productivity

Ergonomic designs work to improve safety in an industrial setting, but they’re also beneficial when it comes to increasing productivity in the workplace. Ergonomic equipment used in industrial workstations can aid the effectiveness of manufacturing processes in the following ways.

  • Ergonomic workstations lead to fewer mistakes (fewer dropped items, higher quality of work).
  • Ergonomic workstations keep employees comfortable (reduced straining, sprains, muscle pulls, and injuries).
  • Ergonomic workstations improve employee alertness and engagement (decreased chronic pain and discomfort enables more attention to detail).
  • Ergonomic workstations enhance workflow efficiency (ease of access makes manufacturing work proceed more smoothly).
  • Ergonomic workstations focus on enhancing worker health (proper posture reduces fatigue, chronic pain, and the risk of injuries).

Finding the Right Workstation Tools

To determine which workstation tools you need in a given section of your manufacturing floor, monitor your team’s work processes and identify concerns.

For example, watch out for frequent bending or hunching, improper lifting techniques, low-quality lighting, flying sparks loose or dangling clothes and equipment, or extended reaching. Each of these actions presents a potential safety hazard and needs to be addressed.

You might also take some time to speak with members of your team about their concerns and requests they want to make in the name of ergonomic changes.

Document your concerns and research your industrial ergonomic options so that you can choose equipment that addresses the needs you’re aware of. 

Tips for Ergonomic Industrial Workstations

When implementing ergonomic workstation equipment, it’s essential to ensure that each member of your team knows how to adapt to the changes made. 

Announce the upcoming changes you plan to make ahead of time so that your industrial employees can play an active role in adjusting their workplace processes. Once the equipment arrives and has been installed, host training sessions to go over all of the new features and functions of the workstation additions. You could book an implementation session with a representative from the manufacturer of your new equipment or review the manual with your staff.

The depth of your training sessions should be appropriate for the level of skill needed to master a new piece of equipment. Remember that lackluster training can be just as dangerous as inefficient equipment.

Ergotronix Benefits

Ergotronix aims to make industrial work easier and safer for the entire staff throughout manufacturing and assembly processes. Our ergonomic solutions focus on enhancing efficiency and improving productivity by implementing equipment that simplifies the following motions.

  • Position: Motorized & Manual Positioners
  • Lift: Telescopic Lift Systems
  • Transport: Compact Lift Transformers
  • Convey + Transfer: Multi-Directional Rollers

Common Issues with Industrial Workstations and How to Correct Them

Ergonomic challenges that occur in the workplace can be quite similar across the board, with only the finer details differentiating manufacturing concerns from health and safety concerns in an office setting. 

Take a look at these common issues and the solutions that can be implemented to correct them.

Problem: Body posture leading to strains, chronic pain, fatigue, or injury

Solution: Introducing chairs with adjustable height options and full back support


Problem: Leaning over workstations and straining workers’ necks and backs

Solution: Adjusting the height of the workstation so that tools and surfaces are well within arm’s reach and easy to see


Problem: Equipment, tools, and materials that are crowded around the workspace, spaced too far from reach, or otherwise difficult to access

Solution: Rearrange workstations so that all tools are neat, organized, and easy to retrieve and replace for each worker at the station


Problem: Vision hazards caused by sparks, low light, chemical releases, etc.

Solution: Provide workers with adequate lighting to prevent squinting or straining the eyes, and provide protective eyewear to prevent accidents related to workplace hazards


Problem: Straining while lifting or frequently dropping heavy items

Solution: Provide employees with lift-assisting devices, equipment that aids in transferring heavy items, and proper training that teaches correct lifting forms


Ergonomic equipment is not only beneficial when it comes to streamlining manufacturing processes, but implementing the latest equipment and technology aims to keep your employees safe, reduce workplace accidents, lessen instances of dropping items, and manage staff fatigue. 

Schedule a demonstration with Ergotronix to learn more about how we can customize our equipment offerings to solve your manufacturing problems.

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