5 Benefits of Using Portable Lifting Devices in the Workplace

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Ergotronix presents manufacturing companies with safe, efficient alternatives to manual lifting and transporting. Our customizable portable lifting devices reduce the need for employees to bend, strain, and lift heavy loads. Using one or more of our systems can streamline work processes, reduce injury risks, and increase productivity throughout your workplace.

Discover the benefits of using portable lifting devices in the workplace. Learn about new safety features, cost benefits, and opportunities to speed up manufacturing work.

Portable Lifting Devices Improve Safety

Using lifting equipment enables manufacturers to raise, move, and manage objects that would otherwise be too difficult to maneuver with ease. Accidental drops aren’t uncommon throughout manufacturing floors that require manual lifting. Equipment and pieces of material that are heavy or cumbersome can make transportation a risk regardless of how many employees are carrying the load. 

By providing lift assistance, manufacturing teams run fewer risks of dropping the equipment. This also reduces instances of equipment damage and the downtime that results when the item in question undergoes repairs.

While damaged or broken equipment is enough of a concern already, equipment that is dropped too close to a manufacturing employee can cause significant injuries and slow down production in order to administer medical assistance.

Using a lifting device eliminates these risks, as machinery doesn’t fumble loads and won’t drop a piece of equipment until the controls are released by the machine’s operator. This creates a much safer work environment.

Increased Efficiency

Portable lifting devices also enable the workplace to operate more smoothly. Using machinery to lift and move equipment or materials creates a streamlined path for objects to follow, and in addition, lifting devices free up human laborers. This means that more people can continue to work instead of lifting and moving heavy items throughout the workspace. A single employee can operate the mechanical lifting device and save time when transitioning pieces from one station to another. 

Compare this against three or four employees taking time to manually lift and transport loads and the efficiency benefits are obvious. It may not seem like three employees lose very much work time when lifting and transporting loads, but those minutes add up. Portable lifts eliminate the inefficiencies that slow down your factory through manual lifting.

Portable Lifting Devices Reduce Physical Strain

Limiting the need for manufacturers to manually lift and transport heavy equipment also reduces physical strain. Back pain, neck pain, and shoulder strain aren’t uncommon risks when it comes to operating a manufacturing floor. 

Enabling employees to use machinery for lifting and transporting material reduces the likelihood of strains, chronic pain, or injuries occurring. 

Compact lift transporters like the Ergo Tranz® and telescopic lift systems like the Ergo I® are designed to protect the health and well-being of manufacturing employees by reducing the heavy lifting they’d otherwise be expected to endure day in and day out. Using these equipment types makes moving equipment painless, as lift and transport tools require only simple guidance to direct the machine. Simple controls move a load from one spot to another with zero risk to the people working on the floor.

Greater Mobility with Portable Lifting Devices

Lifting devices are designed to hoist, lower, and transport heavy pieces of machinery, equipment, or other materials around a given workstation. As such, using a portable lifting device enables more fluid, streamlined movement. Instead of having one or more employees shift heavy weight between them and potentially fumble the item being carried, a designated device can easily move items from one location to the next at the touch of a button. 

Massive Time & Cost Savings

Providing manufacturers with lifting equipment can speed up work processes by reducing the time employees would otherwise spend slowly moving pieces of heavy equipment from one location to another. What would ordinarily take a full minute to do before now only takes a few seconds when using a lifting device.

In addition, lifting devices reduce the risk of equipment or materials being damaged by dropping, bumping, or pressing against delicate surfaces. A lifting device carries every item as it’s designed to and runs practically no risk of dropping the material it moves. 

As such, this type of equipment saves time, speeds up material transportation, and reduces unnecessary costs by preventing product or equipment damage. 

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of having portable lifting devices on your manufacturing floor, contact Ergotronix today to book a demonstration. We’ll go over each product we carry and discuss how you can implement new equipment into your work processes.

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