5 Benefits of an Ergo Force Motorized Work Positioner

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Manufacturing business leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits ergonomic equipment brings to their organizations. Implementing ergonomic technology not only saves time and money but also protects employees and keeps companies operating smoothly. 

If you’re in the market for ergonomic motorized work positioner solutions, look no further than Ergotronix’s Ergo Force unit. Read on to learn more about this product and discover the benefits it can bring to your business.

Ergotronix’s Ergo Force

For manufacturing leaders who are looking for a versatile multi-axis positioning device, Ergo Force is an excellent option to consider. This motorized work positioner can raise, lower, and rotate an object to practically any degree, even positioning and holding it upside down.

With Ergotronix’s Ergo Force work positioner, any piece of work can be easily and reliably positioned to increase accessibility, improve work efficiency and quality, and reduce strain or injuries. The L-shaped arm can turn the workpiece upside-down, thereby allowing the manufacturing process to be conducted with comfort and safety in mind. 

The hand pendant controls all positioning adjustments including height, tilt, and rotation. Ergotronix’s motorized work positioner is made in the US, to suit loads up to 1,500 lbs.

Ergo Force’s Key Features:

  • 360º rotation
  • Height and tilt positioning
  • Support workloads up to 1,500 pounds
  • 2-axis or 3-axis configuration
  • Precise electronic control system
  • Built for heavy-duty factory applications
  • L-shaped arm allows for turning attached product up-side-down
  • Optional rotary ground system
  • Turntable allows for ease of fixturing

Benefits of Ergo Force Motorized Work Positioner

An array of benefits come from implementing ergonomic equipment in any setting, including industrial or manufacturing zones. In addition to modernizing industrial workplaces and enhancing safe working practices, motorized work positioners like the Ergo Force can improve the way your business operates in the following ways.

1- Ergo Force Enables Workers to Remain in Comfortable work positions

By using a motorized work positioner, employees don’t have to manipulate workpieces manually, nor do they need to bend or crouch in uncomfortable positions to complete a component of the job. Work positioners do all the heavy lifting (and positioning), which frees them from physical strain and grants more time to dedicate to the finer details of the work project. 

Ensuring that workers are comfortable and alert can keep the momentum going throughout the day while leading to fewer breaks and mistakes.

2- Ergo Force Increases Comfort & Accessibility for Greater Efficiency

When workers are more comfortable in their work throughout the day, they don’t become burnt out from doing the same repetitive movements for hours on end. The Ergo Force can adjust workloads in any desired comfortable work position so that workers can complete tasks faster and with greater efficiency. By limiting the need to constantly have to manually maneuver a workpiece around, manufacturers can focus on ensuring that each work step is completed in comfort and with precision, without losing valuable production time. 

3- Ergo Force Saves Time and Enables More Productive Work

Introducing a multi-axis work positioner into the manufacturing floor can help keep workers focused on their work tasks, which results in more productive work and a greater number of units completed throughout the day.

While factories may have originally relied on groups of human workers to reposition a product or piece of machinery, ergonomically-conscious workplaces rely on machines. Doing so not only saves time by eliminating the need for 1-3 workers to step away from their work to move or manipulate a heavy object. 

As such, manufacturers can be more productive at work because they aren’t forced to take on heavy lifting when they’d otherwise be focused on completing the task in front of them. 

4- Ergo Force Reduces Injuries, Strain, and Turnover Rates

Leaving the heavy lifting and manipulation to machines helps protect the manufacturing professionals on the floor. Lifting, straining, and bending into uncomfortable positions can present a significant risk to workplace safety and employee health.

Working in an uncomfortable position or being required to lift or manipulate heavy objects can result in back injuries or other painful conditions. Depending on the severity of the condition incurred, a manufacturer might be out of work for a few weeks or indefinitely.

Preventing workplace injuries and strain also reduces Workman’s Comp costs and keeps insurance rates low.

5- Ergo Force Produces a Greater Number of High-Quality Products

When manufacturing professionals can comfortably reach any required position to perform work, they’re likely going to produce higher-quality results. When a worker is able to comfortably access the work, the manufacturing company can count on the production of products made with a greater emphasis on quality. 

Ergonomic solutions represent the future of manufacturing. By introducing safer, more efficient equipment, manufacturing professionals can take advantage of a variety of work-wide benefits. Enhanced safety, productivity, and worker satisfaction not only means faster and more high-quality production, but also means greater worker retention, health, and dedication to the company in question.

Reach out to Ergotronix for information about our ergonomic solutions. Our team offers fully customizable options, and we’ll walk you through every step of the implementation process.

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