The Benefits of Workplace Ergonomics: A Guide to a Safer and Happier Workforce

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Ergonomics at work is not just for office jobs. If you’re looking to create a safe, enjoyable industrial work environment, then you must consider workplace ergonomics.

Thanks to continuous advances in technology, there are plenty of solutions to reduce physical strain and improve the productivity of workers.

Learn more about how ergonomics will improve your production floor and the best solution for ergonomics at work.

Improve Safety

Production floors pose several dangers to workers. Safety is always a major concern for industrial occupations. Overexertion falls, poor posture, and slips are some of the most common safety hazards on the production floor. Each year, companies spend almost 50 billion dollars fighting preventable injuries.

The truth is that some of these hazards are deceiving. Poor posture, for example, may not seem like a real danger. But repeated over time, it can lead to serious injuries that take employees out of work and cost your company.

The good news is that workplace ergonomics can help mitigate many of these safety concerns. Improving workstation design and implementing modern ergonomics tools help reduce physical stress and prevent injury.

For example, Compact Lift Transporters can move workloads up to 650 lbs. This can drastically reduce the manual effort that employees were previously required to emit. It also includes built-in safety features. By handling the lift and transport of heavy items, this tool can reduce the chances of back strains and several other hazards.

Implementing ergonomic interventions is one effective way to address some of the most common production floor safety hazards. This helps keep your team healthy, while also reducing the cost of addressing injuries. It’s one of the best ways to mitigate many of the different safety risks that production teams face.

Reduce Fatigue

Fatigue is another common concern on shop floors. Repetitive tasks and physical labor can cause immense physical stress. Throughout the shift, employees may become increasingly fatigued. Fatigue harms productivity, often slowing workers down and prompting mistakes. But employee fatigue also increases the risk of accidents.

Additionally, fatigue adds up over time. Eventually, this physical stress can also lead to serious health issues. It can impact work performance, but also the quality of life of your team members. Injuries affect team members from all walks of life, while also impacting overhead costs and hiring needs. Keeping your team as healthy as possible is vital for long-term success.

Ergonomic intervention helps address physical stress and fatigue. Many ergonomic solutions can address the physically demanding tasks your team handles. In turn, they can alleviate physical strain.

Reducing fatigue is critical for the employee’s health and safety, but it’s also beneficial for your company. Less-fatigued workers make fewer mistakes and can work more efficiently.

Boost Productivity

Ergonomic solutions also increase the productivity of your shop floor. Dan MacLeod implemented the Ergo Chief by Ergotronix to eliminate the manual flipping of a large aircraft part. This simple addition eliminated product damage and back strain, while also reducing assembly time by 73%!

Product drops alone can cost the team hours of time and effort. A damaged item requires repair, sometimes taking up to two hours. Eliminating such accidents saves the entire team hours of work, increasing production even more. It also reduces the physical strain employees face, helping them stay sharper for longer.

Several ergonomic modifications can dramatically boost workplace productivity while also reducing physical strain. By automating and simplifying manual processes, ergonomics can help you streamline productivity.

Greater productivity means more revenue. The quicker and more efficiently a team can produce, the better it can meet consumer demands. It means you’ll be able to sell more in the same amount of time.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Employee retention is a constant battle in the production industry. As consumer demands rise, so does the need for skilled workers. In such a highly competitive landscape, attracting and retaining quality employees is a difficult task. When you do get a talented employee on your team, keeping them is incredibly important.

Employee retention is better for a business’s bottom line and overall productivity. Hiring new workers requires training, with many taking up to two years to reach the productivity of an existing employee. Less turnover is best for business, especially when it prevents understaffing. Ultimately, retaining employees is extremely beneficial in the world of production.

Employees that are fatigued and experiencing physical stress are far less likely to feel satisfied. Furthermore, unpleasant working conditions may cause them to believe that the organization does not care about their well-being. Unsatisfied employees are less likely to be motivated in work and are more likely to churn.

Employee satisfaction is incredibly important for all production industry employers. Ergonomic protocols can help to improve the employee experience in many ways. For one, they will help to reduce workplace fatigue and hazards. This can help workers feel safer at work. Furthermore, the ergonomic intervention also demonstrates to employees that management cares about and values them. Not only will this help retain talent, but it will also boost their motivation and production.

Improve Ergonomics at Work with Ergotronix

A safer, happier workplace is also a more productive workplace. Ultimately, workplace ergonomics offers many key benefits to improving production floors. By implementing ergonomic interventions, organizations can reduce fatigue, improve safety, improve productivity, and improve employee satisfaction. The combined impact of all of these things is a more productive and profitable work environment.

The first step is finding quality ergonomic solutions to improve your workspace. Ergotronix has everything you need.

Ergotronix is here to help with all of your ergonomics workplace needs. We offer innovative solutions for manufacturers. Turn to us for customizable, integrated factory equipment and improve the safety and productivity of your workplace.

Whether your employees are lifting or bending, we have systems that bring the objects to them without strain or injury. We offer a premium selection of industrial work positioners, lift transporters, and multi-directional conveyor rollers.

Schedule a demonstration and find out how we can customize our equipment to improve your production floor! Contact our team today to get started.


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