Ergo Chief®

Motorized Work Positioner

Product Features

  • Ergonomic motorized multi-axis work positioner / weld positioner
  • 360º rotation, height and tilt positioning
  • Variable, bi-directional speed rotation
  • Support workloads up to 400 pounds
  • Precise electronic control system
  • Slotted turntable for ease of fixturing
  • Optional rotary ground system
  • Mobile options

Product Description

The Ergo Chief® by Ergotronix is a versatile motorized multi-axis work positioner that offers variable speed, bi-directional turntable rotation, tilt and work height adjustment for workloads up to 400 pounds.

This sturdy Ergo Chief® work stand easily adjust work to a full 360º rotation, up-to-a 90 degree tilt and a variable height adjustment for either a stand-up or sit-down operation.Both left-handed and right-handed operators find the Ergo Chief® bi-directional, variable speed  rotation direction easy to use, as it provides an effortless and accurate rotation function. An optional rotary ground system further promotes the Ergo Chief® as a powered welding positioner.

All position adjustments, to desired work height, tilt and rotation angle, are either hand pendant or foot pedal controlled by the operator.

The turntable’s top mounting plate features eight concentric radial channels for easy object fixturing.

Ergo Chief® is one of many Ergotronix work positioner solutions made in the U.S.A. Every detail is engineered for factory-tough durability, with cutting-edge ergonomic principles in mind.

We have used the products for years without any maintenance.

They last.

Daniel Raudensky

Harley Davidson

Full Testimonial

In our daily production, we use the Ergotronix products to hold and manipulate motorcycle parts into ergonomically convenient work positions. We have used the products for years without any maintenance. They last.

Daniel Raudensky, Manufacturing Process Engineer

Harley Davidson


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