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Safety should be a high priority and concern in any workplace. There are reasons that seem obvious, the potential for individuals to be injured. But there are numerous other reasons why a focus on safety is necessary. For example, employees need to have confidence in their management and a joint understanding that employees are valuable to the company. This understanding in turn enables their productivity and effectivity. Furthermore, an emphasis on safety and implementation of new systems and procedures will equate to fewer injuries to employees and higher quality to products being assembled. Fewer injuries to humans and higher productivity and improved quality of products made ultimately results in valuable dollars and cents by the company.

Many of the dollars spent by companies in 2021 for workers compensation could have been saved by the implementation of ergonomic technology in the workplace. From an index published by Liberty Mutual, approximately 33% of all the top ten most common workplace incidents fell into categories that would be prevented by implementing ergonomic equipment. Whether it be overexertion, awkward postures, or repetitive motions; they all can be remedied by implementation of corrective measures. In 2021 these preventable issues, cost companies almost 20 billion dollars. Truthfully, the amount of dollars lost by companies is even larger because this figure only factors in the dollars spent directly on workers compensation, and neglects to mention the dollars lost in productivity or days of absenteeism.

As stated earlier, these incidents involved actions that could be mitigated through the use of ergonomic solutions. Ergotronix has engineered a variety of products to combat these exact types of ergonomic problems. If the problem solely involves adjusting the height of an object look no further than to the Ergo I adjustable height lift columns. Similarly, if the problem requires manipulating an object in a multitude of axis to mitigate awkward postures, Ergotronix offers several complete lines of multi-axis work positioners. No matter if the object weighs a few pounds, or 15,000 pounds, you will find the answer in Ergotronix lines of work positioning devices.  Whether it be the Ergo Chief, Master, Force, or Control work positioners, you will be able to put complete confidence in these machines to accomplish your manipulation task.

Overall, we see that placing an emphasis on safety in the workplace pays dividends in multiple ways. First and foremost, it decreases the likelihood that any employee be injured in the workplace. An emphasis on safety also instills confidence that employee’s health matter, increases productivity, decreases the amount of product rework and decreases the number of dollars spent on unfortunate incidents in the workplace. To conclude, safety being a priority in the workplace benefits a company in many different ways, and one of the simplest ways to place an emphasis on safety is to integrate ergonomic solutions to your shop floor.

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