Knowledge Is Meaningless?

 In Safety for Ergonomics' Sake

Knowledge is meaningless if you can’t apply it. Building applicable solutions to your work problems are what we do. Don’t wait until you get hurt or spend money on machinery that doesn’t last. Planning is everything. What is your plan?

Ergotronix is a company that offers smart solutions that resolves common challenges found in today’s factories. Our company makes it easier and safer for workers to handle manufacturing and assembly jobs with smart, integrated, work positioning solutions. Lifting and moving heavy objects is a common ergonomic challenge. It usually takes two or more workers and a lot of brute force to pull or pick something up, especially when dealing with shelves, ladders, and high storage areas.

Ergotronix Material Handling Equipment

This is where we come in. Our engineering team works with you to develop unique solutions that better assist workers to provide safe and more efficient lift assist / work positioner devices. A work manipulator allows users to adjust as needed to permit working positions that provide a better approach to the product. This allows the worker’s arms, neck, and back to remain in a suitable position for maximum strength and comfortability.

Our work positioners manipulate the product to create a painless and secure work environment. Our primary goal for all activities is to work in optimal postures. A good general rule is that work should be done at about elbow height. Working at this height generally enables the optimal working posture for the whole body. Changing the position of the item (slanting, turning, changing height,) can improve the worker’s position on the item both physically and visually. When using an adjustable height work positioner, employee strain and fatigue are nonexistent, which results in the practice of ergonomics.

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