Ergo Force®

Motorized Work Positioner

Product Features

  • Ergonomic motorized multi-axis work positioner / weld positioner
  • 360º rotation, height and tilt positioning
  • Support workloads up to 600 pounds
  • 2- or 3-axis configuration
  • Precise electronic control system
  • Built for heavy-duty factory applications
  • L-shaped arm allows for turning attached product up-side-down
  • Optional rotary ground system
  • Turn table allows for ease of fixturing

Product Description

Ergo Force® by Ergotronix is the perfect choice if you’re looking for versatile motorized multi-axis positioning of any object—including the ability to turn it up-side down.

The Ergo Force® work stand enables smooth and reliable positioning of work to any desirable work position. With a L-shaped arm and unlimited turn and tilt angle rotation, access to any work surface is comfortably and safely available. All position adjustments to desired work height, tilt and rotation angle, are controlled from hand pendant. Tilt and rotational speeds are all easily adjustable.

This versatile motorized work positioner solution is made in the USA to effortlessly manipulate loads up to 600 pounds. The Ergo Force® provides an optimal motorized positioner solution for any industry, shop or work area.

I highly recommend Ergotronix to any company looking to build or develop this type of custom device.

Gary Fowler

FMC Technologies

Full Testimonial

We worked with Ergotronix to develop and implement six new custom lift and rotating devices. The project went very smoothly due to their exceptional personal attention and commitment to service. I highly recommend Ergotronix  to any company looking to build or develop this type of positioning devices.

Gary Fowler, Senior Manufacturing Engineer

FMC Technologies


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