Ergo Control®

Programmable Work Positioner

Product Features

  • Ergonomic programmable multi-axis work positioner / weld positioner
  • 360º rotation, height and tilt positioning
  • Support workloads from 660 pounds up to 17,600 pounds
  • 2- or 3-axis configurations
  • Easy “Teach” programming.
  • Offers optimized work position sequence
  • L-shaped arm for turning work, even up-side-down
  • Built-in 400A rotary ground system for welding applications.

Product Description

Ergo Control is a versatile family of heavy-duty programmable work positioners, that deliver superior individual operator positioning for any production run. With its large program storage capacity, the Ergo Control provides the user an optimized task sequence for each work piece or individual operator need, while providing the very best ergonomic work position. The simple to use, “teach” programming, allows a fast learning curve, short production set-up time and fast payback.

The L-shaped arm, with unlimited turn and tilt angle positioning, offers easy reach of any work surface without strain—even allowing turning it up-side-down. Available in two-and three-axis standard configurations, in workloads form 660-to 17,600 pounds, the Ergo Control is suitable for any rigorous work shop, where awkwardly shaped, large and heavy objects needs safe positioning.

The Ergo Control line of programmable work positioners by Ergotronix allows your employees operating in a safer, more comfortable and more efficient workplace.

The original operation required up to four mechanics. Today the task can be performed with just one operator.

Joe Weisbruch

Sikorsky Aircraft

More Testimonials

Applying Ergotronix positioning devices have been proven to be a huge success at Sikorsky. The original operation required up to four mechanics. Today the task can be performed with just one operator. One operator stated that this product is one of the best tools he uses within the entire company.

Joe Weisbruch, Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Sikorsky Aircraft


The U.S. Army Corpus Christi Depot, one of the largest rotary-wing repair facility in the world, have to handle some very heavy objects and loads, weighing tons. The Ergo Control has proven to be extremely reliable, very adaptable, and our operators love working with them.

Russell Nida

Aquate Corporation, Operators of the Corpus Cristi Army Repair Depot


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