Ergo Tranz – Tote Handler

Compact Lift Transporter
  • Lift and transports work load up to 600 lbs
  • Compact, light-weight hand truck
  • Heavy Duty Battery power for lift and other desired electric work manipulations
  • Eliminates body strain of manual work effort
  • Adaptable to a variety of standard and custom end-effectors
  • Built-in safety features

Product Description

Lift and transport totes effortlessly with the Ergo Tranz – Tote Handler End Effector. This attachment is made out of a rigid steel welded frame that can be customized to fit any size tote. Pairing this with our ability to customize the stroke, width and payload of your application will eliminate the strain of manual lifting and position.

To operate, lower the Tote Handler so that the tines will not interfere while straddling the tote. Once the rear plastic bumper of the Tote Handler makes contact with the tote, it is safe to lift.  This feature removes the need to look around the sides of the machine to make sure the tote is safely secured. Simply lift with the Tote Handler and transport your tote.

We understand that every application can be very specific and we are prepared to meet your requirements. Our engineering team will work with you to make sure your product is handled with unmatched reliability as well as precision. Whether there is a limited space requirement, a certain reach or a particularly unique shape then we can work directly with your team to create a truly one-of-a-kind product together.