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Application Description:

A Senior process engineer at a world leader in science and technology in Portsmouth, New Hampshire directed Ergotronix to come up with a custom ergonomic lift assist solution to retrieve, and install glass cutter tooling magazines into the bed of their Glass Slide Cutting Machine. The machine produces microscope glass slides and covers. They challenged Ergotronix to devise a method that would eliminate 100% lifting currently associated with the manual handling of the cutter tools.


Two operators had been injured using the current two-person lift method to manually retrieve the cutting tools from the storage drawer, and place them into the glass cutting machine bed by hand. The reason such care is given to the handling of the tools is that they are extremely expensive diamond impregnated cutters, that are precision set and calibrated for the glass cutting operations. These precision cutters can easily be knocked out of alignment, or seriously damaged, by even the slightest bang or knock during handling and installation. They also insisted that, in addition to providing a safe and foolproof method to handle the cutters, the operation could not take longer to perform than the current manual operation and that the solution had to come in at a low capital expenditure for this equipment.

Previous Process:

Two operators manually removed the cutter tool magazines from the tool storage drawer and walk them over to the Glass Cutting Machine. There, and within very tight quarters, the operators had to manually, and awkwardly, maneuver the cutters around a building column, and into a very small entrance area of the machine bed. It is during this segment of the installation that the operators incur much of the physical strain and injury.

Ergotronix Solution:

Ergotronix designed and built a custom lift/transporter using the Ergo Tranz model ET600F, with a precision retractable boom/hoist style end-effector. The boom/hoist features precision bearings between the inner and outer telescoping sections for free-and-easy positioning and retrieval of the cutter tools from the storage drawer.

New Process: (One Operator is Required for the New Process)
The operator moves the Ergo Tranz into the cutter storage shelf area. Using the Ergo Tranz hand pendant control, the operator is able to take all necessary care and safety precautions when engaging the end hooks to the cutter tool. Once the cutter is secured onto the boom/hoist, the operator transports it to the machine bed for installation. The operator positions the Ergo Tranz in a predetermined location and locks the brakes to secure the Ergo Tranz in place. He then walks to the front of the boom/hoist and positions himself comfortably in place between the cutter tool and the machine bed, He then raises the cutter to the predetermined installation height and releases the manual lock of the boom/hoist, By using just one hand he extends the boom as he gently lowers the cutter tool into the machine bed. Once the cutter tool is securely in place, the operator removes the end hook and returns the Ergo Tranz back to its parking space.
Custom Lift & Transporter
Post Installation Feedback:
The operators are very pleased with the ergonomic improvement gained by the utilization of the Ergo Tranz. They are very pleased with its ease of use, reliability and the safety achieved through the use of this equipment.

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