How to Use an Ergo Control in a Headstock Tailstock Configuration

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In the context of large work positioners, a headstock tailstock configuration refers to the practice of having two work positioners jointly handle a very long and cumbersome product in synchronism, allowing one positioner to follow the actions of the other, thereby effectively coordinating the manipulation of the workpiece for welders and other manufacturers.

The relationship between the two positioners makes it easier to accomplish precise and coordinated manipulations, as both positioners work together to create a smooth, accurate, and streamlined manufacturing process.

Because of the benefits possible through using this configuration, many manufacturing teams want to implement this combination of technology into their own processes. 

Benefits of Headstock Tailstock Configuration

The multi-axis headstock tailstock configuration aims to increase the use of ergonomic practices in manufacturing as workers no longer have to compress themselves into uncomfortable or dangerous positions to successfully complete work on a project. As such, the worker doesn’t experience fatigue, strain, or soreness as often as he or she might when using older manual manipulation solutions.

As a result, manufacturing teams can achieve new levels of productivity, with fewer injuries and less fatigue, while reducing Workers’ Compensation claims, and avoiding the investment needed to hire and train replacement workers. 

Keeping manufacturing employees safe, comfortable, and engaged also helps to increase the quality of the projects at hand. When a worker can reach every angle and the desired position comfortably, they become better able to enhance their skills. Consistently creating better products.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Plenty of equipment manufacturers have offerings available, but to ensure that your company invests in new equipment in ways that will generate high ROIs, choosing the right equipment option is essential. Consider the following points during your search.

  • Purpose: Decide which processes you hope to handle when using headstock and tailstock configured equipment.
  • Load Capacity: Determine the weight limits of materials, equipment, and other components of your manufacturing production and choose equipment that can accommodate those weights.
  • Equipment Type: Fixed-height positioner, adjustable height positioner, portable positioners, power-driven headstock with /idle tailstock, or tailstock positioner with synchronized features
  • Automated/Manual Equipment: Most manufacturers want automated equipment, so if this is a key feature for your team, ensure that the equipment you invest in has this capability.
  • Power Requirements: Discover the power requirements in your factory or manufacturing plant before choosing equipment.
  • Product Specifications: Read about the various product specifications before making a decision on which product your team needs.

The Ergo Control is Perfect for a Headstock Tailstock Configuration

Ergotronix’s Ergo Control is a motorized programmable multi-axis work positioner that offers users a variety of speed options, bi-directional rotation, and adjustable tilt and work height settings that can handle loads of up to 35,000 lbs.

This positioner adjusts to a full 360-degree rotation and can adjust heights and positions for either standing or sitting work. Additionally, the bi-directional rotation enables both right-handed and left-handed operators to effectively utilize the equipment without requiring additional effort or skill.

This solution aims to make every detail of the engineering process safer and easier for equipment operators, as it was designed with the latest principles, conveniences, and processes in mind.  

Key Features of the Ergo Control:

  • Ergonomic motorized multi-axis motion
  • 360-degree rotation and height adjustment
  • Bi-directional speed rotation
  • Capable of supporting workloads up to 35,000 lbs
  • Highly precise controls
  • Rotary ground system for welding 
  • Programmable

Technology is constantly streamlining the way manufacturing work is conducted, especially when team leaders remain engaged and aware of new developments in equipment offerings.

To learn more about how to utilize the Ergo Control for your headstock tailstock configurations, visit Ergotronix. Take a look at our product information and if you have any additional questions or concerns, reach out to our team at your convenience. We’ll walk you through the inner workings of each equipment solution we offer so that you’re confident that you’re making the right choice for your company.

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