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Application News: Aerospace Industry Gets an Ergonomic Lift

February -2018
Manually lifting and carrying a heavy, awkwardly weighted object is a challenging and laborious task. Performing that task repeatedly, while simultaneously affixing the object to a mounting plate, being cautious to maintain its balance and position in the process, makes the task unsafe and inefficient.

The Challenge

A major Illinois-based aerospace fuel pump manufacturer contacted Ergotronix to provide an ergonomic lift and transportation solution that alleviated the heavy stress and strain on the technicians who perform quality testing on their aircraft fuel pumps.

Application Scenario

Previously, the fuel pump testing technician would detach and lift the 40-pound fuel pump from its shipping pallet and carry it to the first testing station approximately 15 feet away.  Then, while holding the unit in midair the technician would manually affix the fuel pump to the first testing unit fixture and run the initial diagnostic test.

Upon completion of the initial test, the fuel pump was manually removed from the first testing station fixture and carried to a second testing station approximately three feet away. Again, the fuel pump was manually held by the testing technician while being affixed to the second testing station fixture. Once the fuel pump was secured, the second set of diagnostics would be run. As soon as these rounds of quality tests were completed, the technician would manually hold the fuel pump while simultaneously removing if from the testing fixture, then carry it back to the original shipping pallet and re-affix it to the pallet for additional later analysis.

During this repeated process, the fuel pump was also open to potential damage as the technician manually carried the heavy, awkward fuel pump between testing stations and then back to the shipping pallet.

The Ergonomic Solution


This challenge was solved through the implementation of the Ergo Tranz lift/transporter into the fuel pump testing process.

The Ergo Tranz model 450F was selected as the optimal unit for this application, as this unit is capable of holding up to 450 pounds of load, and offers a sturdy mast and base structure for the fuel pump to be lifted and transported safely between testing cells. This unit is also capable of navigating through narrow factory floor isles and tight corner spaces.  Once the testing station measurements were complete, and the Ergo Tranz was built to fit within the confines of the factory isles, the Ergo Tranz unit was outfitted with a traditional boom and hook attachment, and a safety tie strap, to ensure the fuel pump would be kept steady and balanced on the Ergo Tranz unit during transport.

Within a few days after the installation of the first unit, the fuel pump testing technician confirmed that the Ergo Tranz unit completely eliminated the need for the heavy manual lifting and carrying process from the shipping pallet and between each testing station.

Ergo Tranz lift with boom and hook

In the two years that followed the initial introduction of the Ergo Tranz, more than 10 additional units have been brought in to alleviate similar ergonomic and health related concerns. By utilizing the Ergo Tranz to lift and move fuel pumps between testing stations, Ergotronix helped eliminate the health and safety concerns of repeated back strain as well as the need to hold 40 pounds at full arm extension.

Additionally, the Ergo Tranz units have enhanced the quality control of the department, as fuel pumps are no longer open to accidental bumping or knocking against other items while transitioning between test stations. The implementation of the Ergo Tranz has been viewed with overwhelming success at this facility.

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Ergotronix impresses the manufacturing industry at the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show

CMTS logo

The Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS), which took place September 25 – 28, is Canada’s largest presentation of manufacturing technologies, industrial best practices and technology displays all under one roof. The event was a wonderful success and we thank SME Canada for hosting such an exciting event!

This year, Ergotronix wowed the competition with its manual and motorized ergonomic work positioners, manual transporter, conveyor rollers and lift columns all of which are not only unique in design but also provide a wider array of solution options than more commonly used alternatives.

CMTS, known for its diverse line up of machine tools and forming and fabricating technologies, ensures that each event is stocked with the best in manufacturing solution providers as well as several breakout sessions involving high-level technical seminars and keynote presentations from leading experts in the manufacturing industry.

Ergotronix knows very well the value of staying atop cutting edge technologies to improve work place ergonomics and efficiency, a quality our customers know and expect. Here we see Ted Kaszuba, the Northeast Territory Sales Manager for Ergotronix, showcasing our booth moments prior to the exhibit hall opening!

IMG_3272-CMTS Blog Post

If you attended CMTS and have followup questions regarding a product you viewed. Or maybe you were unable to attend but have an industrial material handling application and would like to chat with Ted directly, you may contact him here or contact our corporate office at 877-733-3746.

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Join Ergotronix at the 2017 Eastec Exposition, May 16-18



The Eastern States Exposition, EASTEC, is right around the corner and Ergotronix is again exhibiting at this premier manufacturing event! With over 500 exhibitors, complimentary conference sessions and keynote speakers, EASTEC is dedicated to showcasing the best in manufacturing and helping you solve your company’s most challenging workplace applications.

Event Location: Eastern States Exposition Building
1305 Memorial Avenue
West Springfield, MA 01089

Event Times: May 16 & 17, 9am-5pm
May 18th, 9am-3pm

Register today and stop by Ergotronix booth #3057 for the latest product offerings in ergonomic material handling, work positioners and transport options. Our knowledgeable staff are ready to answer your questions and help you navigate even the toughest workplace applications.

So mark your calendar and take advantage of this free opportunity to network with the leading manufacturers and solution providers. Learn more about this exciting event by previewing the exposition schedule.


We look forward to seeing you there!

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Applied Ergonomics Conference celebrates its 20th birthday in Orlando, Florida

Join Ergotronix as we help the Applied Ergonomics Show (AEC) celebrate their 20th anniversary!


Applied Ergonomics Conference & Expo
The 2017 Applied Ergonomics Conference & Expo milestone event is hosted at the beautiful Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida and offers you the opportunity to get hands-on knowledge about the latest in ergonomic industry updates, best practices, healthcare initiatives, risk management and ergonomic training!

Educational programs, hands-on exhibits, roundtable sessions and of course the “Ergo Cup” competition are just a few of the many things taking place throughout this four day event. Registration for this anniversary event is still open, click here for more details.

Be sure to stop by Ergotronix booth #226 for the latest updates and ergonomic material handling product information as well. Our staff are ready to answer your questions and help you navigate even the toughest ergonomic material handling / workplace applications. So, mark your calendar and take advantage of the opportunity to improve your ergonomics knowledge, skills while connecting with global professionals in the healthcare, human factors, government, manufacturing, safety and energy industries.


See you there!



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Come join Ergotronix, March 8-10, at the Ohio Safety Congress & Expo!

Safety is a major component of the manufacturing and industrial environment so join us this week, March 8 – 10 at the Ohio Safety Congress & Expo!

This event combines the best in safety, ergonomics, occupational safety and health. Here you can immerse yourself in the latest safety developments, take part in educational sessions, get hands-on knowledge about workplace safety initiatives and earn Continuing Education credits too. While you’re there, stop by booth 135 to learn about the best in ergonomic material handling products and methods to enhance your facility safety.


Registration is easy, so come join us for this once a year.



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Ergotronix is proud to say our products are “Made in the USA”

In recent years, the trend in U.S. manufacturing operations has been to move production facilities off shore in order to utilize foreign labor forces, and reduce costs both in design and manufacturing. Particularly in the past 12 months, the resurgence of U.S. manufacturers reshoring their facilities back to the United States has resurfaced.

Throughout that time and to this day, Ergotronix continued to employ American workers and design their products right here in the United States of America.

We are proof that “Made in America” has (and always will) come straight from American engineering and manufacturing talent. Studies have shown that  U.S. consumers prefer American-made products, and this is one of several reasons why many large manufacturing and production businesses are bringing their products and facilities back to the United States and working to rebuild trust in the phrase “Made in the USA”.

As manufacturing industry giants bring their facilities back to America, Ergotronix stands ready to continue providing the best in quality ergonomic material handling products, all of which are “Made in the USA”, and will help support the American manufacturing industry as it grows strong again.

Good Economics

Ergotronix products are designed and made in America for great American manufacturers. Each product is engineered and built with the idea that ergonomics and productivity go hand in hand. Our product solutions decrease injuries, improve work flow and enhance efficiency all of which help improve the bottom line; we believe and live by the phase: “Good Ergonomics = Good Economics”.

By helping make U.S. manufacturing more profitable, our products help make “Made in America” an even stronger business decision.


To learn more about how we provide “Productivity Through Ergonomics” give us a call or register for more information here.

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Corporate Changes Announcement

Major Corporate Changes

We announced two major corporate changes today. EFFECTIVE APRIL 1st, 2016, Ergotech is relocating all operations to our Sarasota, Florida location, and we are also changing our corporate name to Ergotronix.  The new address will be:

6408 Parkland Drive
Sarasota, Florida 34343

You can read all about it and learn much more information (like websites, phones, etc.) HERE.

There were several articles written about our major corporate changes.

MyInforms wrote an article that can be found here. They mention that Ergotronix “makes ergonomic equipment to lighten the load for factory workers, industrial work positioning machines.” Additionally, they give an overview of the company’s founding, “The company was founded by Hagman, then working as an electronics engineer, in 1992…”. The article also mentions our three-axis work positioners that “…can safely lift and rotate heavy-duty helicopter parts that weigh up to 13,000 pounds to allow mechanics to work without contorting their bodies.” also mentions the Army Contract we won in 2012. To read more about our contract, click here.

As mentioned, we do, indeed, have several types of work positioners that use ergonomics to increase productivity and safety.

  • For information on our manual work positioner, check out the Ergo Master.
  • For information on our motorized work positioner that handles workloads up to 400 lbs, check out the Ergo Chief.
  • For information on our motorized work positioner that handles workloads up to 600 lbs, check out the Ergo Force.
  • For information on our programmable work positioner that handles workloads up to 13,200 lbs, check out the Ergo Control. wrote a brief summary to inform their readers of these changes here.

If you would like to read more about Sarasota, take a look at their official city page. “New businesses continue to locate and current businesses have chosen our City as a place to expand operations, enticed by the outstanding quality of life and business climate our City offers.”

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Making It Easier to be “Made in America”

Ergotronix is Proud to be Made in America

It was a great year for US manufacturing. Reuters published an article about auto sales, showing that 17.47 million cars were sold in 2015, breaking a record set way back in 2000. (Data was gathered by Autodata Corp.) Automobile factories were humming all year and will continue through 2016, since forecasters predict record-breaking sales for this year as well. Automobile sales were boosted by low gas prices, financing options, and-most importantly-economic growth.

Aerospace, defense, and marine manufacturing were strong, too. While these statistics provide an optimistic outlook on manufacturing in the USA, there are still impediments to US manufacturing growth, making it difficult to be “Made in America.” And that’s a major problem – there are seven million fewer factory workers than there were in 1998, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics data. In the 12-year period between January 1998 and January 2010, the number of Americans employed in the manufacturing sector decreased by 35%!

We took a look at the issues in a series of campaigns, and the third and final one identified two major problems:  overregulation and a shortage of experienced workers.  The White House added 22 Billion dollars in compliance costs in 2012 alone, and 84% of industrial CEOs said they cannot find the workers they need even “when 80% of manufacturing companies are willing to pay more than the market wage rates for workforce positions reflecting this talent shortage”. (

Check it out and let us know what you think we should do to Make it BETTER in America.



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Sarasota Herald-Tribune Features Ergotronix Again!

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune is the daily newspaper of the greater Sarasota metropolitan area, read by over a quarter of a million people every day. (Herald-Tribune reporter Page St. John won the Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism for in 2011.)

Ergotronix was featured again by the Herald-Tribune this past Sunday, December 6th in a business section article. Editor Michael Pollick visited our Manatee County facility, tried out some of our equipment, and interviewed our CEO, Earl Hagman. The piece, “Bad back launches workplace ergonomics inventor”, begins by relaying how Mr. Hagman was placed in the perfect position to pioneer workplace ergonomics because of his height and bad back. It also mentions our seven product lines that have all been invented in-house that addresses a huge need in all workplaces and industries. “More than 1.75 million U.S. workers per year are affected by work-related back injuries,” Pollick reports.

Pollick continues, “…back injuries account for more than 50 percent of the nation’s yearly tab for workers’ compensation claims, which run about $60 billion per year…”. Based on these numbers, the need for ergonomic workplace machines is great. Ergotronix makes a lineup of products that address this need to varying degrees. With the Ergo I, we provide a column that goes up and down and support up to 1200 pounds. With the Ergo Roll, we provide a multi-directional roller system so the users can slide products from one end of an assembly position to the next. With the Ergo Tranz, we provide a sleek piece of equipment that not only grabs a heavy object and moves it around easily, but can reposition it when lifted!

The piece is informative and interesting, with some examples of our customers’ use cases and a great factory photo.


To follow Michael Pollick on Twitter, tweet him at @MichaelPollick.
To read about our latest updates, you can visit our LinkedIn page.

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EDC in Bradenton Area Applauds Ergotronix

Ergotronix Applauded by Bradenton Area Economic Development Corporation

At a November banquet, the Bradenton Area Economic Development Corporation (EDC) recognized some of the region’s biggest business successes of the past year, and Ergotronix was one of them.  Our company was hailed as a “Success Story” by EDC President and CEO Sharon Hillstrom.  In her speech, she said “Connecticut-based Ergotronix, Inc. selected Manatee County for its Florida facility.  Ergotronix designs and manufactures ergonomic manufacturing equipment for industrial workspaces…for…many Fortune 500 companies.” We are proud that the Bradenton Area Economic Development Corp Applauds Ergotronix for our dedication to growth.

Hillstrom went on to explain how the EDC reached out to our company, and how over the past 18 months, the EDC helped Ergotronix find a suitable location and facilitated the company’s relationships with Manatee County government and workforce development experts at Career Source Suncoast.

We are very grateful to the EDC for all their assistance, and we are very pleased to be growing in Florida!  You can read all about it here.


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