How the Ergo Control Programmable Welding Positioner Can Improve Manufacturing Efficiencies

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The latest releases in manufacturing technology can sound like they will reshape the entire industry, but there’s a lot more to improving work processes than simply announcing a new product. It’s important to understand the challenges manufacturers face before brainstorming potential resolutions. The programmable welding positioner was developed with the intention of making the work environment safer and easier to operate while improving manufacturing efficiencies.

Keep reading to learn about manufacturing struggles and the solutions Ergotronix has to offer.

Common Challenges in Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing was never a simple process, but the challenges facing the industry today tend to be closely related to employee satisfaction, quality issues, the struggles associated with adopting new equipment and protocols, and other tech-centric setbacks. 

Let’s explore some of the most common challenges facing the manufacturing industry.

  • Employee Retention: A key challenge facing manufacturing companies throughout the industry involves hiring and retaining employees. On one hand, the current workforce is aging and gradually merging into retirement, and on the other, there aren’t as many skilled workers available and providing competitive pay has proved to be another roadblock.
  • Customer Expectations:
    Customers and clients alike expect to receive high-quality products in exchange for the money they pay. Customers demand not only quality, but convenience in purchasing, greater personalization options, and competitive pricing. Given the process required to make the best products on the market, it has become harder for manufacturers to adhere to strict quality, timeline, and pricing expectations.
  • Sustainability:
    Many manufacturing processes are evolving to embrace more sustainable practices, but this change is costly. Not every manufacturer has the opportunity to modernize their production processes as easily or quickly as other companies.

    As of now, many manufacturing companies are struggling to implement more carbon-neutral practices, waste-reduction efforts, and energy-efficient equipment.
  • Technological Setbacks:
    New technologies are constantly being released, but the price and implementation process associated with taking on these new technologies isn’t applicable to everyone. While robotics and automation aim to streamline manufacturing work, the desire to adopt new technology isn’t enough. As such, companies more prepared to take on new processes receive advantages that smaller companies with tighter budgets can’t compete with.

The Importance of Optimizing Assembly Operations

Assembly is a key process in many manufacturing facilities. As such, streamlining and optimizing these processes stands to benefit industrial workers, companies, and customers. 

Optimizing assembly operations can present employees with easier, safer workplace protocols to follow. This in turn aims to foster a more productive work environment, one that enables workers to work smarter instead of harder.

When workers are given the opportunity to use ergonomic equipment to simplify the workday’s demands, they’re better able to remain focused, prevent fatigue, and perform higher-quality work. 

Automation and Efficiency

Consider the implementation of a work positioner in manufacturing. Equipment like the Ergo Control Multi-axis Work Positioner provides workers with a piece of positioning equipment that makes it easy to raise, lower, turn, and rotate a workpiece in practically any position. As such, professionals can reach all angles of the project without bending, crouching, or forcing themselves into dangerous or uncomfortable work positions.

By simply implementing a modern work positioner, workers don’t have to lose any time moving or repositioning pieces of material or equipment. Instead, each worker has everything he or she needs to complete fast, high-quality work.

Ergo Control Programmable Welding Positioner

Ergotronix focuses on developing and offering manufacturing equipment that performs better and improves a company’s efficiency. Take a look at the key features of the Ergo Control work positioner.

Ergo Contro Programmable Work PositionerFeatures Include:

  • 360º rotation, height, and tilt positioning
  • Ergonomic, programmable multi-axis work positioner
  • 2-axis OR 3-axis configuration
  • Supports workloads weighing between 660 lbs to 17,600 lbs
  • Easy “Teach” programming
  • Optimized work position sequencing
  • L-shaped arm for turning workpieces upside down
  • Built-in 400A rotary ground system for welding applications


The Ergo Control Programmable Welding Positioner

The Ergo Control family of programmable work positioners was designed to provide exceptional positioning capabilities for single operators in any production environment. Using this equipment enables users with optimized task sequence progression for each project or individual work sequence.

This equipment, like all other Ergotronix products, was developed with the intention of making the work environment safer and easier to operate.

Adopting newer, easier-to-use technologies stand to benefit manufacturers in terms of completing more work with shorter turnaround times, keeping employees, and providing a safe and productive work environment for the professionals involved. Contact us today to learn how the Ergotronix family of products can improve your manufacturing process.

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