Ergo Tranz®

Compact Lift/Transporter
Lifts and supports up to 600 lbs effortlessly

Ergonomic factory equipment – Made in the USA

The compact, light weight Ergo Tranz factory lift transporter provides mobility in confined spaces, while eliminating body strain caused by manual lifting and positioning.

A single mast offers clear operator view during transport. With an infinitely variable lift speed, the Ergo Tranz lift transporter can be precisely adjusted for any application.

Ergo Tranz lift transporter is designed for passage through narrow 24 inch doorways and maneuvering close to, around objects for easy load access.

The lift carriage accepts a variety of end effectors for handling of application tasks.

Available in standard 220, 450, and 600 lbs. load capacities.

  • Precise, infinitely variable lift speed between 0-6 inches/sec
  • Totally enclosed electric lift mechanism for smooth precise lift.
  • Solid aluminum construction.
  • Adjustable handle bar height and tilt angle for operator comfort.
  • Built-in electric lift brake for accurate positioning and safe holding.
  • Built-in overload protection for operator safety.
  • 3-position foot-operated brake system with parking brake, swivel or directional steering of casters.
  • Easily accessible emergency stop switch for safety.
  • Quick-change carriage accepts a variety of end effectors.