Ergo Chief®

Motorized Work Positioner
3-Axis Positioning of Workloads up to 400 lbs

Ergonomic factory equipment – Made in the USA

Ergo Chief positioners are an economical solution to create a safe, comfortable workplace while reducing the potential for expensive work injuries. The Ergo Chief helps provide a safer and more productive place.

Ergo Chief is a versatile motorized rotational positioner with variable speed, bi-directional turntable rotation and work height adjustment.

This ergonomic positioner provides full 360 degree variable, bi-directional speed rotation for productive work positions for both left and right handed operators, safely, comfortably and efficiently.

The operator has easy reach and quick change of the work object for easy rotation and safe, smooth tilt and rotation reversal at any time. Work height adjustment, tilt and rotation start/stop are hand pendant controlled. Rotational direction and speed is adjusted from the control panel.

The round top mounting plate features eight concentric radial mounting channels for easy attachment of user applied tooling, parts etc.

An optional rotary ground system offers safe ground where used in welding applications.

  • Slotted turntable easily accepts mounting of any tool, fixture and work part.
  • State-of-the-art Regenerative Electronic Control System.
  • Horizontal or vertical turntable models.
  • Available for loads up to 400 lbs.