Ergo Master®

Manual Work
Ergo Master Manual Work Positioner em303-400
Ergo Master Manual Work Positioner em303-400

Product Features

  • Ergonomic manual work positioner solution
  • Multi-axis work positioner / weld positioner
  • 360º rotation, height and tilt positioning
  • Repetitive safe holding lock in any desired work position
  • Adjustable friction during positioning transitions
  • Supports workloads up to 300 pounds
  • Ideal for any project or application
  • Mobile options

Product Description

The Ergo Master® offers an ergonomic manufacturing solution that’s ideal for just about any shop floor. This manual work positioner easily adjusts work to a full 360º rotation, up-to-a 90 degree tilt and variable height adjustments for either stand-up and sit-down operations. The multi-axis flexibility of this work holder makes the Ergo Master® the smart choice—no matter the application, object shape or work fixture.

The adjustable friction resistance assures a smooth transition between positions without the need to brace work through personal strength or endurance.This robust positioning unit fosters a safer, more comfortable and productive work environment, while limiting the potential for costly shop floor injuries.

The Ergo Master® is available in a variety of multi-axis positioner configurations, from a bench mount (2-axis) to floor mount (3-axis) configuration in 50-, 150- and 300-pound load capacities.

… we have within a short period been able to achieve improved efficiency, productivity, quality and safety. It’s simply a great machine.

Ergo Master Manual Work Positioner em303-400

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