New Ergotronix Ebook Offers 4 Case Studies

New Ebook by Ergotronix: Four Case Studies

Ergotronix is now officially in the world of online publishing business! We have authored two eBooks about some of our best solutions, spanning a variety of industries and multiple types of applications.  The new eBook by Ergotronix, Making Tough Jobs Easy:  Innovative Work Positioning and Material Handling Solutions.  Four Case Studies, has debuted today!


It is available in PDF format here. For a PDF viewer, you can download the latest version of Adobe Reader



Our first case study looked at an actual customer use case. This customer had to lift and pour heavy fluid containers. These fluid containers hold very hot chemicals and must be lifted over five feet above the floor. Our customer wanted to minimize the risk or injury inherent in this requirement. They also wanted to increase productivity. By using our product, the ErgoTranz, they were able to meet their goals!

For more case studies, download the free ebook!

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