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Multi-directional Conveyor Rollers

Allows you to move, transfer and turn material smoothly and easily in any direction.

Ergotech’s multi-directional rollers are modular to meet any application.

Ergo Roll®

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Vertical Lift Columns

Lifting has never been easier. Ergotech provides the ideal compact lift columns for any lift application.

Lifts up to 1,200 pounds. Smooth, precise and simple adjustments, allow maximum user flexibility to move up or down to any desired position.

Ergo I®

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Compact Transporter

If the material or object you are moving is too heavy or awkward for a person to lift and carry manually, Ergotech offers the perfect lift/transport solution.

The compact Ergotech transporter handles any task, up to 600 pounds, even in narrow and confined spaces.

Ergo Tranz®

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Work Positioners

No matter what size or shape, weight or type of material you are working with, Ergotech provides the full flexibility to move the work into any desired work position.

Manual Work Positioner. 3-Axis. Work loads up to 400 lbs. Available in bench mount or floor mount configuration with 50 lbs., 150 lbs., 300 lbs., and 400 lbs. load capacities.

Ergo Master®

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Motorized Work Positioner. 3-Axis Positioning of Workloads up to 400 lbs. Work height and tilt adjustment as well as full 360 degree variable, bi-directional speed rotation.

Ergo Chief®

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Motorized Work Positioner. 3-Axis Positioning of Workloads up to 600 lbs.

Ergo Force®

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Programmable Work Positioner. 3-Axis Positioning of Workloads up to 13,200 lbs Unlimited rotation on axis.

Ergo Control

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