Corporate Changes Announcement

Major Corporate Changes

We announced two major corporate changes today. EFFECTIVE APRIL 1st, 2016, Ergotech is relocating all operations to our Sarasota, Florida location, and we are also changing our corporate name to Ergotronix.  The new address will be:

6408 Parkland Drive
Sarasota, Florida 34343

You can read all about it and learn much more information (like websites, phones, etc.) HERE.

There were several articles written about our major corporate changes.

MyInforms wrote an article that can be found here. They mention that Ergotronix “makes ergonomic equipment to lighten the load for factory workers, industrial work positioning machines.” Additionally, they give an overview of the company’s founding, “The company was founded by Hagman, then working as an electronics engineer, in 1992…”. The article also mentions our three-axis work positioners that “…can safely lift and rotate heavy-duty helicopter parts that weigh up to 13,000 pounds to allow mechanics to work without contorting their bodies.” also mentions the Army Contract we won in 2012. To read more about our contract, click here.

As mentioned, we do, indeed, have several types of work positioners that use ergonomics to increase productivity and safety.

  • For information on our manual work positioner, check out the Ergo Master.
  • For information on our motorized work positioner that handles workloads up to 400 lbs, check out the Ergo Chief.
  • For information on our motorized work positioner that handles workloads up to 600 lbs, check out the Ergo Force.
  • For information on our programmable work positioner that handles workloads up to 13,200 lbs, check out the Ergo Control. wrote a brief summary to inform their readers of these changes here.

If you would like to read more about Sarasota, take a look at their official city page. “New businesses continue to locate and current businesses have chosen our City as a place to expand operations, enticed by the outstanding quality of life and business climate our City offers.”

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