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Ergotronix’s New Army Contract

Ergo ChiefErgotech has been awarded an Army contract by the US Army Depot in Corpus Christi, Texas, to supply 60 of its unique 3-axis work-positioners over the next six months.

The Army helicopter technicians in Corpus Christi, Texas, overhaul, maintain and rebuild military helicopter transmissions and gearboxes. That’s really tough service work on robust, large and heavy equipment. That kind of demanding work by Army technicians requires reliable work positioners to help the service teams to hold and manipulate the giant transmissions and gear boxes.

To help make this tough job easy, the US Army contracted Ergotech Inc, in Danbury Connecticut, to supply a range of work positioners capable of holding large, awkwardly shaped objects safely in any desired position, which makes it easier for Army service technicians to access and manipulate the parts. As the helicopters return from duty, service personnel disassemble and rebuild the machine.

Ergo Chief

The Ergotech positioners helps improve work speed, helps eliminate employee strain, fatigue and injury and creates a safer work environment. The Army can work faster and better to get the helicopters safely back into operation.

No matter what size or shape, weight or type of material, 3-axis Ergotech positioners provide, secure, balanced positioning of work height, tilting and 360 degree rotation. The US Army will take delivery of a range of models, capable to manage any size or shape, including heavy, large and difficult shaped objects up to 1,650 pounds.

Ergotech work positioners are built for reliability and versatility to meet even the toughest military requirements. This innovative ergonomic machinery will help the Army with this demanding job and it can help you with yours.

See for yourself. Give us a call at 877.SEE.ERGO to discuss your operational needs and we will help you find an ergonomic solution for every job.

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